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South America Brochure Project

You are in charge of the Tourist Promotion Department for a country in South America. You must create a travel brochure that highlights three sites of interest that will make people want to come visit your country! Use the directions below to complete this project.

Steps to Success!


Start by creating a new folder in your My Documents folder and call it South America.

To create a new folder:

  1. Open your My Documents folder.
  2. Right-click in the folder.
  3. Slide down to New, then over to Folder
  4. Type a name for your folder right away (like South America).

The first step to a good brochure is having all the pieces in place BEFORE you start in Publisher if possible. You will need to find at least one picture (five or six is best) for each of the sites of interest you are including.

Search Google or Bing and just type in the name of the site. If you want images (pictures) click on the images link to find lots of good pictures.

The easy way is to type the name of your country followed by map in a Google or Bing search. For example, if I wanted a map of Brazil I would type "Brazil map." Find a simple, colorful map without too much detail. Google or Bing maps or Google Earth are NOT the best tool for this. You can't easily copy the image to your computer.

Here is an example:

map of Brazil


Use this template for Publisher. I have removed a lot of the "gunk" to make it easier for you. If you decide to use another template from Publisher, be sure to remove all the junk!

South America Travel Brochure Publisher Template

IMPORTANT!!! Be sure to put YOUR NAME on the file and save it in your SOUTH AMERICA folder in your MY DOCUMENTS folder. Do this right away so you don't forget or delete a classmates project!!


Now put together your brochure in Publisher.

Use the Insert --> Picture menu selection to place your pictures in the document. You can click on the handles on the corner to resize them.

Type in your text in the text boxes provided. If you have more than will fit in the text box, you drag the handles to make it bigger. You can change fonts, sizes, colors, etc., but everything must fit on one panel for each site. Make the front attractive -- it is what people see first!

Use the Shapes menu on the side of the screen to create labels for your map.

Creating an autoshage

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