Mission to Mars: A Lego Engineering Adventure

WeDo Models That Use Sensors

We hope you've had so much fun learning about WeDo sensors and how they can be used to help keep us safe and do our jobs that you'll want to keep building. Here are four great models you can find in the WeDo app.

To find each of these models, open the WeDo app, then open a new file (click on the PLUS sign). Then click on the brick and scroll down.

Alarm System

This alarm system uses some really interesting gears and gives you a chance to create some pretty sweet code to make things happen.


Use the TILT sensor in this model to build a joystick. What will you make happen as you move your joystick around? How would you create a game that would work with this?

Caliper Measuring System

The DISTANCE sensor is used to measure the distance the slider is from the end. Think how useful this would be if you were manufacturing things. You could be so accurate as you cut things!

Warehouse Counting System

Use How cool is this model? It can detect things as they pass under the arm. Wouldn't this be a great way to count boxes in a factory? What other uses could you think of for a detector? Use your creative brain to code some cool things when the Detector sees something go by!