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Name Project

We are going to start with a simple straight forward project just to get you familiar with the stop motion animation process and equipment.

In this project you are going to create a short animation using your first name and last initial. You will then be able to reuse this in all your projects.

View some sample Name Animation projects.


My Computer -> Student (K:) -> Specialists ->Tech -> Fourth -> NameVideos -> {Your Teacher's Name}



Things to remember

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Lego WeDo 2.0 Unit

Lego WeDo Unit!

After hundreds of hours of work, extensive testing in elementary classrooms, and several rewrites, we are pleased to offer you the use of our Lego WeDo 2.0 Mission to Mars unit. Following the storyline of a mission to the Red Planet, students are confronted by a series of problems they must solve by building and coding Lego models. Fully NGSS compatible, this is a perfect unit to use in third or fourth grade. Please take a look and try out this free resource!