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picture of wagon train people Mapping the Oregon Trail
In this project we are going to work together as a class to create a map of the landmarks on the Oregon Trail.

We will use Google Maps to create our class maps!

Click here to open Google Maps.

To Sign In to Google Maps so you can see your Class' Maps, use these:


Click here for the directions to Create a Placemark in Google Maps.

Need the written directions? Click here to open the Creating a Placemark in Google Maps booklet. (MS Word fomat)

map of the Oregon Trail
Lego WeDo 2.0 Unit

Lego WeDo Unit!

After hundreds of hours of work, extensive testing in elementary classrooms, and several rewrites, we are pleased to offer you the use of our Lego WeDo 2.0 Mission to Mars unit. Following the storyline of a mission to the Red Planet, students are confronted by a series of problems they must solve by building and coding Lego models. Fully NGSS compatible, this is a perfect unit to use in third or fourth grade. Please take a look and try out this free resource!