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Learning to Use Windows 7

Fourth Graders are ready to learn more about Windows in depth! We start the year by spending one lab session learning and teaching each other about Windows 7, our operating system standard.

Spreadsheet Magic!

This is our first big unit of the year. After learning spreadsheet basics through a series of lessons, kids research a fast food restaurant meal and then analyze the meal using spreadsheet formulas, charts, and graphs. A great project!

Spanish Vocabulary Game

Students create a Spanish vocabulary game for the Smartboard. Using Smart Notebook and four game templates, students created interactive games they shared in Spanish class.

Stop Motion Video Project

This is one of the favorite projects students complete in Fourth Grade. My ideas for this unit came from a summer workshop conducted by Joe Dockery of Mt. Si High School.

Introduction to Fireworks 8

We have a site license for the Macromedia 8 suite of products (Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash) so we use all three to introduce our students to web concepts. In this unit students learn to use Fireworks to create and manipulate graphics and photos.

Famous Person Graphic Encyclopedia

Each year the Fourth Grade students research a famous person, then come to school one day dressed as that person for a formal presentation in their classroom. I have the kids come to the lab where we take various poses against the green screen for later use in the project following their introduction to Fireworks. It is a fun project to finish out the year with!

Glogster EDU Dancemat Typing Game
 Puzzle Games  

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New Updates!

For the past few weeks I've been working to put together a site for our teachers in Lake Stevens to easily find sample SBA questions that help them understand how students will be tested each year. This often leads to deeper understanding of the standards themselves. Click on over to the SBA Samples site and easily find all the CCSS Standards by grade level and any sample questions in the format used on the Smarter Balanced Assessment.