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Native American Photostory Documentary

 Native American Photostory Documentary


You have been hired by your local television station STTV to create a short documentary video on Native American tribe. Your completed project should last 2 - 3 minutes, including the title and end credits. Your documentary should provide a nice overview of your tribe for the person viewing. You will include many pictures, diagrams and maps to accompany your narration of the story. You will use the internet and books to find the images you need. Your video will be created using the program called Photostory.

Your documentary will include the following:

1 A Title

2Music that fits the video. I have given you a variety of Native American music that features flute and drums. You can find your own music, or you can use appropriate music that is created by Photostory.

3The following three sections must be covered:


1. About your Tribe

  • Name of tribe.
  • Include a map that shows where they live.
  • How did they get their name?
  2. Home and Family
  • What were their dwellings like? What was the name of their dwellings?
  • How did they build their dwellings? Who built them?
  • Who was in the family?
  3A. Clothing
  • Find pictures of the clothing they wore and describe it on your video.
  • How did they make their clothing? Find pictures that show the steps in preparation.
  3B. Food
  • What foods did they eat?
  • How did they obtain their food? By hunting? Farming? Gathering?
  • What would be served at a typical meal?
  3C. Jobs
  • What did the men do?
  • What tools or weapons did they use?
  • What did the women do?
  • What tools or weapons did they use?

4If you have time, you could also include pictures and information on the following topics. You should only complete these if you have completely finished all the above.



  • What roles did they have in their family?
  • What did they have to play with?
  • What games did they play?

Famous People

  • Find pictures of a famous person from this tribe.
  • What did they do that made them so important?

5End Credits (should include your name and main resources you used in your research)

Use the Complete Video Planner to make sure you have all the pictures you'll need to complete your video. We will complete one section at a time, and each section should take you no longer than two technology lab times.

For each of the topics above, you will need to find many pictures to help you tell the story of the tribe. Click here to find help on finding the best pictures:

You will be narrating your documentary by using notes and written scripts you prepare from the research you'll do in class.

The last class day we can work on our videos is Friday, June 3rd. You will be presenting these on Monday and Tuesday, June 6 & 7, to your parents.


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