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Latinos in History Biography Flyer

Get Organized!!

  1. Create a folder in your Documents folder. Call it 'Famous Latinos.'
  2. Next, click here to open the Publisher Flyer Template we'll use and then SAVE IT IN THE FAMOUS LATINOS folder you just created! Name the file with the name of your person you are researching.
  3. Now, use the Research sheet provided, or print this page and use it to begin your research.

Can't remember how to copy a picture and paste it into Publisher?
Click here for directions!

When you think you are finished with your poster, use the Final Project Checklist to make sure you have included all the required parts!


Start your research at the the following website.  You will find some information there and maybe a picture.  Each section includes a link to more information about  your famous person.  You will need to follow that link to get enough information to make your flyer interesting.  
Click on the Latino’s in History section: 
Find your own additional facts about the people who are in the "Latinos in History" section. You can also choose other Hispanic Americans about whom you would like to learn more and research these individuals on the Web and in books.

Record your research here.

Facts About the Person















Why Are The Person's Contributions or Accomplishments Important?



Lego WeDo 2.0 Unit

Lego WeDo Unit!

After hundreds of hours of work, extensive testing in elementary classrooms, and several rewrites, we are pleased to offer you the use of our Lego WeDo 2.0 Mission to Mars unit. Following the storyline of a mission to the Red Planet, students are confronted by a series of problems they must solve by building and coding Lego models. Fully NGSS compatible, this is a perfect unit to use in third or fourth grade. Please take a look and try out this free resource!