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Creating Wordles - Art with Words!

This is a Wordle:

Wordle Sample

Creating A Wordle


Wordles make an artistic image out of words.

video clip Click HERE to watch a video to learn about our project.


The first step to creating your wordle is to use Microsoft Word to build the word list that you'll use to create your Wordle.

Video link Click HERE to watch a video that explains this part of the process!

Complete the steps and then come back here for the next step of the process!

BE SURE TO SAVE YOUR WORD LIST FILE... you don't want to have to type it all in again!!


Now that your word list is complete, you are ready to create and format your Wordle.

Open the Wordle page if you haven't done so already. The URL is

Video link Now watch this video that demonstrates how to create and format your Wordle!


Come right back here after watching for the next step!!

four If you've never used the Snipping Tool, watch this very short video showing you how to do this before going to the next step.

Now you are ready to "snip" your Wordle, paste it into a PowerPoint presentation and finish creating your poster.

video clip Click here to watch a video explaining these last steps of the process.

Create your Wordle Poster, and BE SURE TO SAVE IT FIRST in your Documents folder. When you are all done, SAVE AS... to the Wordle Poster folder in:

Computer --> Student --> Specialists --> Tech --> 6 - Sixth Grade

When formatting your poster use the Help Videos on the Resources section of TechWeb!


Add your picture if you want! Use one of the still cameras on my desk. To copy the picture from the camera to the computer, remove the memory card and insert it into the SD slot on front of your computer.

For directions in removing the card and inserting it into the computer, click here.

  Congratulations!! Your Wordle Poster should be complete! This is a great way to tell the world about you!


Lego WeDo 2.0 Unit

Lego WeDo Unit!

After hundreds of hours of work, extensive testing in elementary classrooms, and several rewrites, we are pleased to offer you the use of our Lego WeDo 2.0 Mission to Mars unit. Following the storyline of a mission to the Red Planet, students are confronted by a series of problems they must solve by building and coding Lego models. Fully NGSS compatible, this is a perfect unit to use in third or fourth grade. Please take a look and try out this free resource!