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Research Sources for the Six Biomes

Watch a Video About Your Biome

grassland video Grassland

deciduous forest video Forests

tundra video Tundra

rainforest video Rainforest

saltwater marine video Marine Saltwater

desert video Fresh Water

desert video Desert

polar regions video Polar Regions

Great Biome Web Sites
Easy links to each of the six major biomes.  Links to animals and plants.  Good source of pictures.  Good graphs and tables.  Good links to more detailed information to find more resources.
EXCELLENT resource from NASA.  Information well organized, easy to find.  Good charts and maps.  Not as many pictures.
A LOT of information, not so well organized.  Good information on animals that live in each biome.
Very good site, well organized for easy access to information.
OK information on the six biomes on the list to the left of the page.
A short movie highlighting each biome can be found on this page.
Lots of quick facts on every biome.
A great overview of geography terms. (Thanks to Henry in Colorado for the link!)
Take Seat: Road Trip Geography. Just about everything you'd ever want to know about geography in the world or the United States. (Thanks to Dakota for telling me about this great page!!)

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New Updates!

For the past few weeks I've been working to put together a site for our teachers in Lake Stevens to easily find sample SBA questions that help them understand how students will be tested each year. This often leads to deeper understanding of the standards themselves. Click on over to the SBA Samples site and easily find all the CCSS Standards by grade level and any sample questions in the format used on the Smarter Balanced Assessment.