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Fifth Grade Projects

Internet Safety Webquest

Fifth Grade is an ideal time to get students thinking about how they can use the Internet Safely. All Fifth Grade students start their year in the Technology Lab with this Webquest to learn online safety.

Learning to Use Windows 7

For those new to Windows 7, these quick tutorials, tips and videos offers a great (and quick) introduction.

Introduction to Flash 8 Animation

Complete online lessons to teach students the basics (and beyond) of Flash animation. Many schools use Flash 8 because it was offered at a ridiculously low price at the time and it offered much of features of the most modern Flash today. My students loved these tutorials and were able to work at their own pace. They were able to go much more indepth than when I did these activities with large group instruction and many of them went on to create many original projects with no prompting from me!

Creating a Documentary
The Door Video Project Living Memories Project
Media Production Resources Robotics Engineering

We use the Robotics Engineering curriculum from Carnegie Mellon University. It allows groups of students to work at their own pace and go much more in depth than trying to do this with whole group instruction.

 Internet Scavenger Hunt!!!

A quick activity!



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