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Reptile and Amphibian Project


In this project we are going to create a PowerPoint slide show with five slides. Instead of just clicking on the slides one at a time, we are going to create HYPERLINKS so we can quickly find information about your reptile. It is like creating a web page in PowerPoint!

First, We Research our Reptile!

Here are a few sites you can find information about reptiles. Use them to complete the research sheet.

National Zoo (Smithsonian)

Enchanted Learning Reptiles

Amphibian and Reptile Pictures

Use this page to record your research results.


Creating Your Web Page

Now that our research is done, we are ready to create your page on our the Reptiles and Amphibians web site.

Click HERE to open our Reptiles and Amphibians web site.

When you do, you'll need to be able to login in to the site:

Username: stsmaps

Password: 123sts45


Site Upgrade Underway

So you like this new look? I have begun the work of updating this site to look cleaner, make it easier to read, and work much better on mobile devices. Do you like what you see? I'm open to suggestions; email me with ideas!

As I work on the site, you'll go back to the old style pages. Don't worry, all the links will continue to work just fine! You'll be able to follow my progress! Look for an updated Intro to Spreadsheets site soon!