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Workshop Resources

Visit any of the links below to find information from conference presentations and workshops I've facilitated over the past several years.

Integrate Computational Thinking Skills Using Scratch

Join me on Thursday, March 15, 2012 at the NCCE Conference in Seattle, Washington where I'll be highlighting the emerging movement of Computational Thinking and how I am working to use the six main principles in my current teaching. I'll be focusing heavily on how I use Scratch with elementary students to teach appropriate skills.

Click here for all presentation materials.

Google Geography: Where Maps Meet Multimedia

I originally presented this workshop at the 2007 NCCE Conference in Portland, OR, as a 1 hour presentation. Due to high demand, I expanded it the following year into a 3 hour workshop for the Seattle NCCE Conference in 2009. I also offered this as a two hour workshop at the Colorado TIE conference in June of 2009!

Click here to visit the Google Geography Workshop

Digital Video for the Classroom

Several summers ago a group of teachers from Everett Public Schools in Everett, Washington taught a weeklong class with me to help teachers better integrate video production into their curriculum. This wiki is a compilation of the many resources and ideas we put together for the partiicipants that week.

Click here to visit the Digital Video for the Classroom Wiki.


Site Upgrade Underway

So you like this new look? I have begun the work of updating this site to look cleaner, make it easier to read, and work much better on mobile devices. Do you like what you see? I'm open to suggestions; email me with ideas!

As I work on the site, you'll go back to the old style pages. Don't worry, all the links will continue to work just fine! You'll be able to follow my progress! Look for an updated Intro to Spreadsheets site soon!