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Graphic Encyclopedia of Famous Persons


This project will let you show off your photo editing skills in Fireworks in a very professional looking document! When you are done you will be contributing a page that spotlights important facts and life events of the person you studied in the Fourth Grade famous person presentation earlier in the year.

How will you create your page?

The first step in this project is to create at least two pictures that place YOU, dressed up as your famous person, in the actual places that person lived and worked. For example, a cowboy or famous Indian chief might be riding a horse, or a queen or king sitting on their throne, etc. Your only limitation is your imagination and your willingness to put together many parts and pieces to create the perfect picture.

As you complete your pictures be sure to save them as Fireworks (.png) files in your Pictures folder. If you save them here it will be much easier for you later on!!

We will be using ComicLife to create our pages.

What should my page include?

Each page should include the following:

  1. Five - six pictures
    • Two - three should be the pictures of YOU that you created using Fireworks.
    • Three - four of the pictures will be pictures from the Internet or taken from books that show the real famous person you chose to research.
  2. The name of your famous person (Use the large lettering).
  3. YOUR name as the author.
  4. At least four captions:
    • One that gives the date of birth and the date of death (if they've died) of your famous person.
    • Three captions that highlight things that made your person famous. These MUST be in complete sentences. You can use speech bubbles and have the person saying them, but again, they must be in complete sentences and be easily read.

What do I do when I finish?

When you are finished you need to save the ComicLife file in the folder called ComicLife TeacherName in the 4th - Fourth Grade folder on the Student Drive

(My Computer --> Student --> Specialists --> Tech --> 4th - Fourth Grade).

The file name should be FirstName Famous Person (e.g., Joe George Washington).

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