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Publishing with Google Apps

Welcome to the Publishing with Google Apps workshop.

We'll be spending our time learning to use the many great features of Google Drawing and Google Slides to create pretty sophisticated looking publications and interactive student material.

Please complete the form at the end of this section to allow us to collaborate effectively during this workshop. Enter your email carefully as I'll use this to share the workshop files directly with you so you can use them later.

Please do the following to prepare for the workshop.

Open this web page:

Complete the form on the bottom of the page.

Open your Google Drive and settle in for some fun!


All the examples shown in the class are shared in the Desktop Publishing with Google Apps folder. Save any of the files into your Google Drive where you can view them. To actually use the files, make a copy of each so you'll have full editing rights.

Video Tutorials To Help You Create

The Ultimate Secret: Changing Page Size

Once you've seen this video, you can create anything you want. The whole secret is in settng the document size.

Adding Text to your Document

Very quick video to help you remember how to add a text box anywhere on the page.

Drawing and Using Shapes in Google Draw

Everything you need to know about addding, resizing, and editing shapes in either Google Draw or Google Slides.

Arranging Objects in Google Drive

Bring to the front... Send to the back... What am I supposed to do? This video explains it all.

Creating and Editing Tables in Google Draw and Slides

Both Draw and Slides allow incredible table editing tools. This video guides you through everything you ever wanted to know (OK... maybe not everything!).

Using Transparent Fill Options in Google Draw and Slides

Transparent fill turns your work into a professional looking product with just a few clicks of the button!


Great Tools to Help as You Publish

Cool Text

Choose a style, then fine tune the text for an incredible looking banner. Save as a PNG file, or just copy and paste into your document. Quick and easy and the results are oh-so pleasing!


MANY tools here, but most importantly a tool to create ANIMATED text! Here's an example:

Glitter text example


FlipSnack lets you upload a PDF file (or a series of JPG images) and convert them to a book with animated page turns. FREE!

To use, just save your Google Slide file as a PDF (Download as...) and then upload it to FlipSnack and share the link or embed it as in the sample below.

Ideas from Eric Curts

Eric Curts has produced some great webinars with a TON of templates for each that show you how to push Google Drawing and Slides to a whole new level. Check out any of these linked below for ideas and development help.

Google Drawings for Graphic Organizers

Teaching Math with Google Drawings

Creating Comic Strips with Google Slides

Create Greeting Cards with Google Drawing

His complete list of webinar trainings for all things Google can be found here.