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In the Lab with First Grade

Salmon Research

As the kids are studying Salmon in their classrooms we use some of these activities to build their interest and understanding in the lab.

Learning Word Processing

This short activities have proven to be a fun way to get kids started using a word processor. This is usually the second to the last big activity of the year and gets the kids ready for the Frog Life Cycle Booklet.

Weather Activities

In this project kids research the weather on four cities in Washington State, then use Clicker 5/Clicker Paint to create a weather map from their data. For those kids who want to, I let them record a weather report using their map.

Frog Life Cycle Booklet

This is a fun project done at the end of the year to give the kids a good introduction to word processing. We do this during the First Grade unit on ponds.

Planets Project

I always like to start First Grade students on their first real project that requires them to research a top using one internet site and then build a PowerPoint slide using that information. I always combine the pages into a book that I give the kids to keep in their classroom.

Arctic Animals

This is the first organized research project I do with First Grade students. We usually do this in December or the first thing in January. The kids always want to print pictures, so I show them how to copy and paste LOTS of pictures into one PowerPoint slide and allow them to print those out.

 Parts of the Computer  

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