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Learning Word Processing: Microsoft Word

Activity 1: Format Text

Click the link below. This will open a file that contains a list of words. Your job is to use the formatting tools in Microsoft Word to make the words look like they mean. Here is an example using the word grow:

example formatting usign the word grow

Save the file using your first name as the file name.

Be sure to type your name at the top of the page. Format each of the words. When you are done, print the page and hand give it to your teacher.

Open the Words Look Like Their Meaning file.

Activity 2: My Five Favorite Foods

In this activity you will create a blank word processing document and then type in a title and your five favorite foods. After you type the foods, you will find a picture for each using MS Word clipart and insert the picture next to the word. You'll need to resize the pictures so they all fit on one page.

When you are done creating the page, print it out and hand it in to your teacher.

Click to see the complete directions for the Five Favorite Foods activity.

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