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Create an Infographic for a Country with Google Drawing

Objective: Use Google Drawings, Google Sheets, and your research on the Internet to create an Infographic on a country of your choice.

Getting Started

Make Your Own Copy of the Infographic Template

Follow these steps to create your own blank Infographic file to get you started.

  1. Click HERE to access the Country Infographic template that will help you complete this project.
  2. The link will open a page that asks you to make a copy. Click the Make a copy button.
  3. Now click in the document title area (shown below) and type in a name for your Infographic file. This will be stored in your Google Drive until you move it into another folder.

Research Your Country

There are several great places to research your country without having to stumble around the Internet. Use the links below to find information on your country.

  • The CIA World Factbook
    This is probably the best source of information about almost any country you'll ever find. Start here first.
  • Wikipedia
    Use the search box in the upper right corner of the Wikipedia welcome page to search for your country. This isn't easy reading, but if you skim the page you'll find information you need. Be sure to check the links on the right hand column of the page.

Find Three Interesting Sites in Your Country

For this last step you'll need to find three interesting sites that someone might want to visit in your country. You might want to try some of the search terms below in your browser to get started. Just replace the word "country" with the name of your country.

  • popular places to visit in country
  • best sites in country
  • tourist attractions in country
  • places of interest in country

As you research these sites you'll be looking for two things. First, you'll need to write a sentence or two (at the most) to describe this awesome place.Two, you'll need a really good photo of it to use in your Infographic.

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