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Fourth Grade Spanish Vocabulary Game
Project Overview & Requirements

In this project each of you will create an interactive game that can be played on the Smart Boards in the classrooms. We'll use the Smart Notebook software to build the games. Here are the basic requirements of your game:

  1. It must include 24 of the vocabulary words.
  2. For each word your must include a picture of the object, the written (typed) word, and a recording of each word.
  3. You can use any of the three templates provided. Click on the film reel to see how to create each game!

You will follow these steps as you create your game.

  1. The first thing you will do is use the program called Audacity to record the proper pronunciation for each of the 24 words you will use. Be sure to name each file with the word itself to help you avoid confusion in future stages of the process!!

    Click HERE for some videos to help you use Audacity.

  2. Next you will need to search for a picture of each of the objects. The easiest way to do this is to search using either Bing or Google. Save your pictures in ONE folder in your My Documents folder. Don't scatter them all over the place. You'll cause yourself a lot of work later.

    Click HERE for help searching for and saving pictures from the web.

  3. Now you are ready to use one of the game templates above and create the actual game in Smart Notebook. Make sure you have completed each of the three (3) basic requirements for all 24 words before you try to add in any extra embellishments!

When you are done with your game, you'll need to save it in the Student Drive. Put it in the folder called Spanish Game YOURTEACHER in My Computer --> Student --> Specialists --> Tech --> 4 - Fourth Grade.

Use the following grading guide to decide what grade you want to work for on this project:

Grade Requirements

Less than 10 words completed.


10 - 23 words completed.

Each word has at least two of the basic required components, but not all three.

The game shows some structure, but isn't complete enough to play a full game in class.

Saved in the correct folder in the Student drive in this format: YourName_SpanishGame.


24 words are included.

Each word includes all three of the required components.

The game is complete enough to play in class.

All spelling is correct and pronunciations of each word are recorded correctly.

Saved in the correct folder in the Student drive in this format: YourName_SpanishGame.


All components listed for a grade of S.

All 27 words are included in your game.

Background graphic on each slide which fits the style of the game.

Directions for playing the game.

An opening page for your game.




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