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In the Lab with Second Grade

Marine Life Project

This project teaches students just about everything they'll need to know about using PowerPoint throughout their journey through sixth grade. Once we finish this project it is expected that students will be able to create any PowerPoint show on their own.

Programming with Scratch

Owl ComicLife Project

ComicLife is a great program from Plasq software. Second Grade students love demonstrating their knowledge of the owl they studied in their science classes as they create a page for a grade level graphic novel style book about owls.

Biography Timeline

Each spring second grade students read and study a biography of a famous person of their choice. After the kids have done some work in the classroom they use PowerPoint to build a fairly sophisticated timeline. We print the timelines to bind into a book and for each student to include in their Biography Portfolio.

Learning Word Processing with Fairy Tales

Reptile Web Site Project

As the students are studying reptiles in their classroom, we are busy creating a collaborative web site in the lab to enhance their classroom learning. This is a quick project with a BIG return.

 Lego Racer Instructions

Whenever we have a week open (2 days or so) in the lab, this is a great activity. Build a rubber band powered car and then let the kids race them. I usually do this one towards the end of the year.

 Mapping the Oregon Trail

Second Grade students study the Pioneers and how they made it to the West. We always spend a few days with the old classic "The Oregon Trail," but this activity helps students realize that the trail really exists and the places they hear about can be located and visited. Another great collaborative project that doesn't take a great deal of time but provides a great return.

 Create Your Own Avatar! animated fishFlux Time Animation


Fun Brain Math!

Good Choice Games!!

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