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Logo Google Geography: Integrating Google Maps and Math

This activity combines a bit of math with a bit of geography. We'll calculate the distance each of us travel to school, then use a Google Form to create a spreadsheet. We can then chart the data in a Google Chart.

We'll start by using the Gmaps Pedometer to calculate the distance we travel to school each day. Trace the route you walk, ride in the car or bus, or bike to work each day.

Follow these steps:

Open the Gmaps Pedometer. (right click and select Open in new window to keep this window open)

  1. Find your home using the search button (type in the address).
  2. Turn ON the Calorie Counter (enter your weight, or a reasonable facsimile Winkto start the calculation).
  3. Click the Start Recording button.
  4. Double click on the starting point (your home).
  5. Double click on points along the way. If you have the automatic settings selected, the route will follow the roads exactly. If, for some reason, the route won't draw as you want, switch to manual drawing, which will create only straight lines for you. You can switch back and forth between manual and automatic settings as needed.
  6. When you are done, you can save the route if you want and a unique URL will be generated for you. Copy the URL (select it, then right click and select copy or CTRL-C) just in case you accidentally lose the map.
  7. Now, complete the Google Form below: