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Logo Google Geography: Writing with Maps

Having virtually any map or satellite image at your fingertips isn't bad, is it? But there's more!! Google Maps offers features which allow anyone to create some great PERSONAL, interactive maps. To learn how this works, let's take a look at a few examples. Please feel free to return to this page often and add in as many interesting sites as you want!!

Road Trip: Anchorage to Lake Stevens

In June, 2008, my wife and I made the long trek down the Alaska Highway. While we had both traveled the road many times, this was the first time we had time to relax and be tourists. Hope you enjoy our fun!

Traveling the Oregon Trail

The second grade students at my old school always studied pioneers and the westward journey in Social Studies. To help them understand that the Oregon Trail was real, and the places they "visited" while playing the simulation Oregon Trail were real, we all worked together on this collaborative map. Each student was given one landmark to research, locate on the map, and create a placemark with a picture and an explanation.

America's Highway: Oral Histories of Route 66

Jay Crim and Shekar Davarya spent the summer of 2002 driving across the country on Route 66, collecting interviews with the people who live, work and travel on the old road. The audio, video and images on this map are the result of that summer, and offer a glimpse into what life was like on the now-decommissioned highway and what remains for those who still travel the road. The America's Highway project was intended to create both a history lesson on America of the past as well as a travel guide for visitors on 66 today. The work was supervised by Professor Bill Leslie, History of Science Department and Mike Reese, Center for Educational Resources, The Johns Hopkins University.

Google Lit Trips

Teacher generated maps that map the story in many great novels from K - Higher Ed. What a great group of examples to help students get started on their own Lit Trip.

The Lit Trips sites includes all maps in KML files which can be imported into either Google Maps or Google Earth. We'll cover this later in the workshop.

Earthquakes in the Last Week

Just what the title says. A Google Map with all the earthquakes recorded in the last week pinpointed on the map.

Major League Baseball

Every baseball park in MLB plus the Hall of Fame.

Greetings From... (Oregon)

This collaborative project was started during the Fall of 2008 by a private Catholic school in Beaverton, Oregon. It is open to classrooms of all ages and any location. The main goal of this project is to share famous landmarks, locations, or unique aspects of your home state or region.