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ComicLife Owl Project

Create a Project Folder

The key to success in any project is staying organized!! So, the first thing you will do is create a folder for your owl project in the My Documents folder. It should be named like this:

Firstname Owl Project

Here is what Brielle's would look like: folder example

What My Page Should Contain

Your page has FIVE (5) panels.

  • The big middle panel should contain a good, clear picture of your owl.
  • Two panels should contain a picture of your owl in different poses (like flying, nesting, or hunting).
  • One panel (or divide the area into 2 panels like I did) should show a picture or pictures of the prey your owl feeds on.
  • One panel should be a map of the geographic region in which your owl lives.

The title of your page should be the name of your owl. Make it STAND OUT!!

You should include one caption for each of the four smaller panels. The captions can be interesting facts about your owl or explain the picture in the panel. Make sure the captions are readable!

Place your name right under the title (use a caption!).

Click here to see an example Mr. Biggs created as a demonstration.

Do Your Research!

Begin your project by finding good pictures of your owl. Save these in your owl project folder!!

Here are the web pages you will use to find pictures of your birds.

Web Resources
  Enchanted Learning
  All About Birds
  42 Explore
  Wikipedia (open Wikipedia and search for your owl on the main page)


Create Your Graphic Novel page with ComicLife!

Click the link below to open up the Owl template page:

ComicLife! Owl Template

Watch the video if you need help saving the template file.


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